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The company has been co-founded and running by industry experts and visionary artists. PIXL is pledged to supporting their artists at any pandemic situation and continuing producing quality outputs. This incredible studio, conveniently located in Puducherry-India, bear a strong resemblance to the colonial French rule of the ancient times. Also PIXL is one of the best and promising visual-effects studio in down south. The co-founders holding the strength & quality of producing visual-effects imagery under budget.

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Concept artists create artwork to inspire the look of the visual effects (VFX) in a film or TV production. They draw the characters or creatures and environments as well as vehicles, props and buildings.


Visual effects (sometimes abbreviated VFX) is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in filmmaking and video production.

Crowd Simulation

Crowd simulation is the process of simulating the movement (or dynamics) of a large number of entities or characters. It is commonly used to create virtual scenes for visual media like films and video games.

3D Assets

3d assets from saving you vital time in a world where time = money, giving you access to high-quality products, acting as a powerful aid to client consultation, providing excellent modelling reference.

Certification Programmes

Qualifications – Who Are We Looking For?

Recent graduates or entry/junior artists looking for their first break in the VFX-CGI industry Individuals with a passion in a number of disciplines “HOUDINI and UNREAL ENGINE”. Highly-motivated individuals with a strong passion for the creation of visual effects candidates eager to learn and develop their individual skills.

What Do We Offer?

Production based working experience, for the period of 4 months on location at our Puducherry premises in India or in Remote, Possibilities to work on ongoing live projects/shows, dedicated time mentoring in a highly productive visual effects environment and learn the different stages of the VFX pipeline which most of the Hollywood studios are following. We will be productively mentoring you with HOUDINI and UNREAL ENGINE applications. This is not a course, instead gain a production based working experience in our visual effects studio with our technical leads.

Preparing For Your Stay

Once you have successfully submitted your application and been accepted by our team there are few things to prepare before departure. Please take your time to read through the following guides about lifestyle in Puducherry, housing and different services around the city.

Residence Permit

This incredible studio, conveniently located in White Town – Puducherry, bear a strong resemblance to the colonial French rule of the ancient times. Also PIXL is one of the best and promising visual effects studio in down-south. From Chennai International Airport (MAA) you are not more than 3.5 hrs away by road and only 15 mins away from Pondicherry Airport (PNY) by road.

Fee & Structures

For fee please reach out to, our team will be assisting you to move forward with the programme details.


I would like to say Something it very valuable for Me in My CG Path, in three years ago when I start Houdini I worked with many small indie Teams, overall which mostly was Game and unknown Animation projects, and Most of them were really straight Skills line Projects For Me. After all years Someone TRUSTED Me as a freelancer Mode in TOP Visual Effect Movies which was For really Amazing, is my First Professional Experience in The Movies VFX, PIXL Visual Effects. I Wanta to Really Thanks to Kartik Gurunathan , Great Leader Team in Job and Kindness, given Me the Chance to work with the Great PIXL VFX Team He Really Cares About Team. also I learn Really Houdini Flip stuff From Other Talent artists inside the Team , the last of my Word - I Highly Recommend PIXL Visual Effect Studio for Working - Is Great PLACE and More ..........

- Houdini FX Artist - PIXL Visual Effect Team

Interning with Pixl Studio has been a great delight for me personally, as I have never come across any other Indian studio that gave fresh college graduates an opportunity to intern as concept artists! Throughout the course of a month I have gained so much exposure and insight into the field of concept art, and have been pushed out of my comfort zone to acquire new skills that would help me grow as an artist.

- Arvind Thangavel

Pixl intership had helped me master the different tools in Houdini FX and achieve realistic results for various projects. The mentors helped me during the RnD process and also achieving realistic renders and also helped me gain expertise on various different methods used to achieve the result. Overall this internship had helped me take my career to next level in VFX.

- Surendiren Parthasarathy

As a fresher, I was scared to step into the industry because of its strict rules and regulations, but by doing my internship at PIXL, which gave me the real experience of the industry, I realized that despite the rules and regulations there is more to learn especially from really experienced artists who are also great mentors.

- Vishal

I believe that everything that I do with these software is just the combination of things I have seen in my life, I don’t create anything new. And PIXL has shown me a better way to combine the aspects with good Aesthetics…

- Hari Prakash

I am working as an intern in Pixl studio, I feel so Happy that In this Pandemic Situation “PIXL” is giving Internship Programme. With good Quality Production pipeline work, handling projects. Mentors are so good and more patience to clearing doubts and giving valuable suggestions and feedback.

- Sarika

I started as an intern in Pixl studio, during my last semester of the college and immediately felt welcomed through the great mentors. Upon graduating, I found myself in my first full-time opportunity working with an amazing company. Doing something that I enjoyed and progressing my carrier professionally and personally. Thank you for all the support that you have given.

- Prathmesh Thokade

Working with PIXL team has been fantastic from the very beginning. The team processes great narrative skills and tells important details with sensitivity and wit. The team really Inspire us by their perfection and hardwork. We immediately see the benefit to ourselves. We appreciate their attention to details and creative approach to bringing our works online. Thank you Pixl.

- Sneha

I am doing an internship at Pixl. I am very happy because I got the opportunity to work here and they are helping me to improve my quality of work here.

- Tahil Tamboli

At PIXL, I gained several learnings of new industry software with handling real projects. I am even more confident now and learning never ends so I learned a lot from the amazing mentors who guided me throughout by giving valuable suggestions. Gives me a platform where I could nourish my skills.

- Avinash Gadhave